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5 richest benchmarks in 2020

We expect that the leader of the rating and the richest rapper of recent years is the husband of Beyonce, the legendary Jay-Z. At the moment, he has no real competitors for the title of the richest rapper. In particular, given that each of the five is not a young performer, and accordingly, popularity may be lost over time.

5th place. Drake Fortune – $ 150 million

The Canadian rapper, a fan of the Toronto Reptors basketball club, is the youngest player on the list, after all, he is only 32 years old. However, over the past few years he has significantly increased his fortune. It should be noted that the point here is not so much in music as in additional sources of income, because he has his own sort of temple, as well as incredible in size real estate. Do not forget about your own mansion in Las Vegas, which only a few can afford.

4th place. Kanye West. Fortune – $ 240 million

Music producer, rapper, businessman. This character has long been entrenched as the main newsmaker in the world of Turnip. However, he managed to get into the list of the richest rappers only thanks to a contract with Adidas, which was signed several years ago. Now the global brand sells shoes of its own production of the benchmark. Today, this is the main source of income for the musician. It should be borne in mind that the performer’s profit is constantly growing, and therefore it is expected that in a few years he will be able to enter the list of billionaire musicians. However, in turnips, today, there is only one and he is waiting for us in the first place.

3rd place. Sean Combs or Diddy. Fortune – $ 740 million

From the very beginning of his musical career, Diddy was known as “Puff Daddy.” It should be noted that until recently, he was in second place on the list of the richest rap artists, but lower prices for his assets, such as a clothing line and cable network, seriously affected his profit. Today, the benchmark is on track, thanks to Ciroc, which has long been a major source of revenue. Many experts analyzing the assets of well-known rappers say that he can become the next billionaire in the next 1-2 years. However, Diddy’s profit does not play the main role.

2nd place. Dr. Dre or Andre Young. Fortune – $ 800 million

Recall that back in 2014, Dr. Dre called himself the richest rapper, saying that he was the first to step over the $ 1 billion mark. However, specialized resources that carefully keep statistics on the earnings of artists do not agree with Andre Young. After all, selling Apple his brand of headphones, he received only a quarter of $ 2.6 billion. Therefore, taking into account taxes, the contractor received an amount incomparable with that which Dr. Dre himself called, namely, 500 million dollars. Having received in 2018 the last tranche of payment for the sale of his brand, he still could not catch the leader of our list in the ranking of the richest rappers in the world. It must be borne in mind that in addition to excellent profits, the benchmark spends a lot. Over the past years, he spent more than $ 40 million on real estate, and also made serious donations to charity companies. Profit from Beats by Dr. Dre is completed, and therefore the legendary musician must break into the rep industry with renewed vigor, starting new tours that will gather stadiums. Or, as an option, open a new company, which, like headphones, will bring him enormous dividends as green banknotes.

1 place. Jay-z. Fortune – 1 billion dollars

Jay-Z is hardly the most successful rap artist in history, because many colleagues have achieved greater success in this direction. But, the only thing he couldn’t take away from him was his desire to make money, after which not one of the “competitors” could even get close to his indicators. Do not forget that he has at least a stellar spouse, with whom they have a fortune of 1.5 billion dollars. It is unlikely that someone will be able to impose competition on him, in the next few years, this is unequivocal.

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