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Avoiding coronavirus infection: virologist tips

After the WHO announced the coronavirus pandemic, the epidemic began to worsen en masse. So, according to March 16, the number of infected reached 168 thousand people.
One of the first molecular virologists in the world, James Robb, writing a letter with tips for relatives and friends on how to avoid becoming infected with the virus, without suspecting it himself, helped people from all over the world, as the letter was published on social networks.

Forecasts of the spread of coronavirus in the United States are now inaccurate due to a lack of data worldwide, but it is very likely that this virus will spread everywhere in the United States before mid / late May or April.
What does the virologist advise:

  • No handshakes. Use your fist, bias or elbows for congratulations.
  • To turn on the light or press a button in the elevator, use only your knuckles. Raise the gas dispenser with a paper towel or use disposable gloves.
  • Open the doors with a closed fist or push your thigh – do not touch the door handle with your hand, unless there is no other way to open them. This is especially important in the bathroom, as well as in the post office or in other office buildings.
  • Use disinfectant wipes in stores when available, especially when wiping pens or child seats in grocery carts.
  • When you return home, wash your hands with soap for 10-20 seconds and / or use a disinfectant that contains 60% or more alcohol.
  • At each entrance to the house, put a jar of disinfectant. Also keep one in your car so you can use it if you cannot wash your hands.
  • If possible, cough and sneeze into a disposable napkin or piece of tissue that can be thrown away right away. Use the elbow in cases where there is no other way. The virus will remain on your clothes and will be able to spread further for a week or more!

    What is worth buying
  • Disposable latex gloves, which can be used when you go for groceries or for any other activity, involve contact with contaminated places.
  • Important. The virus spreads in large drops when coughing or sneezing. This means that the air will not infect you. BUT all surfaces on which these large droplets have fallen will be contagious on average one week – everything connected with infectious people will be contaminated and potentially also contagious. The virus remains on the surfaces and you do not pick it up, as if you sneeze or cough right into an unprotected face. The virus has only cellular receptors for lung cells (it only affects your lungs). The only way for a virus to infect you is by getting through your nose or mouth after touching it with your hands or after an infected virus sneezes into your mouth or nose.
  • Stock up on disposable surgical masks now and use them to protect yourself from touching your nose or mouth (we touch our nose 90 times a day and don’t even see it!). The mask does not protect you from a virus that can get into your nose or mouth after direct sneezing or coughing, it is only to keep you from touching your nose and mouth.
  • Stock up with pocket disinfectants and latex gloves (take different sizes for the family). Pocket disinfectants have 60% or more percent alcohol to be effective.
  • Stock up on zinc lozenges. The effectiveness of these lozenges for blocking the coronavirus and most other viruses from further reproduction in the throat and nasopharynx has been proven. Use them according to the instructions several times a day, every time you feel something like the first symptoms of a cold. It is better in such cases to lie down and let the plate dissolve in the back of your throat or nasopharynx. One of the available brands of such lozenges is Cold-Eeze, but there are others.

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