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Highest paid artists of the decade

Quite expectedly, the first place in the ranking of the richest artists of the decade was taken by Dr. Dre, who is not particularly active in music, but nevertheless holds the highest positions. The second was the young Taylor Swift, to whom success fell only in the last few years, for which she earned the lion’s share of her profit. In general, this rating combines youth and experience, because here there are recognized music skills that have been sparking for more than 40 years, as well as new faces that are only taking their first steps in big music. Which of them earned on the production bed, who successfully sold their achievements, and who ideally chose the time for the final world tour? You can find out all this by reading the rating below. Should we expect any special changes in the next ten years. Definitely, because a couple of people from the top will definitely want to end their careers.

Dr.Dre, $ 950 million

In this decade, the producer has released only one album and has hardly been on tours. But he had the most significant achievement in business, when in 2014 Apple bought Beats for $ 3 billion. In general, if we compare this artist in popularity among colleagues, he is inferior to the same Eminem, but at the same time shows himself as an excellent businessman earning incredible amounts.

Taylor Swift, $ 825 million

At the beginning of the decade, the singer was not old enough to buy beer. Now Taylor Swift is a superstar who collects stadiums. She is also the highest paid female celebrity of the 2010s. Interestingly, the last year of the decade turned out to be the most successful for her, according to the results of which she became the richest artist of the year, having $ 185 million in profit.

Beyonce, $ 685 million

At the beginning of the decade, Beyoncé was a newly minted graduate of Destiny’s Child, but quickly settled in as a solo artist. Recall how successful the singer was in 2010, when she triumphed in six Grammy nominations and became the most sought-after singer in the world. Also, do not forget that today, Beyonce is the wife of Jay-Z, who has long been the title of the richest rapper of our time.

U2, $ 675 million

In 2011, U2 went on a world concert tour called 360 Degree, raising more than $ 700 million, and taking into account inflation, more than $ 800 million. This tour is still one of the highest grossing in history. At the same time, the rock band from Dublin did not have much financial success, and therefore, perhaps, this tour can be considered an accident that raised its participants to the lists of the richest artists of our time.

Diddy, $ 605 million

The pseudonyms of this artist changed more often than anyone on the list. The greatest income was provided to him by partnership with the British producer of alcoholic beverages Diageo. Also, it is worth noting that the artist is unlikely to stay on this list for the next decade, because he has many strong competitors, distinguished not only by the desire to get to the top, but also by real talent.

Elton John, $ 565 million

The rocketman comes off on his farewell tour. Over the past decade, his bank account has been fueled by stadium concerts and shows in Las Vegas. It should be borne in mind that his musical career has already reached 50 years, during which he sold a quarter of a billion records, and more than 50 of his singles were on the top lines of the British chart. Recall that last year a biographical drama was released, which is dedicated to the ups and downs of John.

Jay-Z, $ 560 million

The first billionaire in the world of music made a fortune, creating companies. But the last ten years of touring activities (recently – along with his wife, Beyonce), he also clearly did not hurt. It should be borne in mind that he earns such amounts not only thanks to business, because he is a rather talented executive who has won more than two dozen Grammy awards. Jay-Z rap albums have been at the top of the well-known charts 14 times.

Paul McCartney, $ 535 million

No beatles, no problem. Despite the fact that the legendary group from Liverpool, whose founder is Paul himself, broke up, this did not affect his solo career. During his life he received the Grammy statuette 16 times and continues to perform even now, having a respectable age. His new album Egypt Station for the first time in 36 years brought the singer to the first position in the world’s most famous chart Billboard200.

Katy Perry, $ 535 million

In 2015, the singer appeared on the cover of Forbes. In the 2010s, she was noted for two tours with fees of hundreds of millions of dollars. To date, the singer is deservedly considered one of the most popular in the world. One has only to look at the number of views of her clips on You-Tube, where each work gains more than a billion views. Given the young age and ambition, one should expect continued progress of the girl.

Lady Gaga, $ 500 million

In addition to filming in films or television projects, the stunning success of the singer brought her vocal skills. In reating she got thanks to her albums. Now, the most famous work in the cinema is the main role in the film “The Star was Born”, where the singer played the main role and simultaneously received the Oscar figurine for the soundtrack. The sensational singer will definitely shine for a long time in the playlists of millions of listeners around the world.

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