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Vision is an important component of our lives. Everything around is perceived through the eyes. What we see is what we believe, accept and acknowledge. The whole world is known through the eyes. But over time, we stopped cherishing this tool of our lives. Technology development, a changing climate, stresses and a constant need to work hard are all the difficulties that fall on human shoulders. How to maintain vision in such conditions?

There are many factors that negatively affect the health of the organs of vision. One of these is a long seat at the computer, gadget or TV. In an era of tremendous information flow, we will all learn through technology. Computer and television are the most important means of obtaining information, but also the destroyers of our health. Lying reading, poor nutrition, addictions – all that also violates the visual abilities of everyone.

To preserve vision, you must follow some rules.


  1. Do not sit at the computer for more than 4 hours.
  2. If working with papers or behind a monitor takes a long time, be sure to rest your eyes every hour.
  3. Do not sit in poorly lit rooms. Incorrect light or its absence also negatively affects vision.
  4. TV is recommended to watch 3 hours a day. Watching TV shows throughout the day can even cause headaches and fatigue, as the television light puts pressure on your eyes and you begin to feel tired.
  5. The TV needs to be watched at a distance greater than the diagonal 5 times, and sit at the computer at least 30 cm further from it.
  6. Read must be in well-consecrated rooms and intermittently after every hour.
  7. Smoking is the number one enemy. Tobacco smoke destroys your eyesight, just like the whole organism.
  8. Berries, such as blueberries, will be an excellent vitamin for the eyes.
  9. Walking on the street will help your eyes stay in good health.
  10. Wear quality sunglasses. It is important to protect your eyes from bright and blinding sunlight.
  11. Exercise for the eye. Especially in those cases when you work for a long time at the monitor or papers.

Adhering to these recommendations, you will maintain your eye health and will not need further treatment or other corrective agents. Eyes are an instrument of our life. Take care of it correctly.

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