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Spring menu: how to overcome vitamin deficiency in a child

Signs of vitamin deficiency in children can be observed at any time of the year, but most of the children suffer from it in the spring, when the resource of vitamins accumulated over the summer and autumn runs out. The lack of vital elements is manifested by the corresponding symptoms, which you must pay attention to.

Vitamin deficiency in a child: when to watch out

So, in winter, the basis of the diet of a significant part of the population is carbohydrate-rich foods, and fresh vegetables and fruits are represented in small quantities. Children born with low weight, suffering from allergies, anemia, rickets and gastrointestinal tract diseases, are more prone to illness.

Speaking about spring vitamin deficiency in children in the generally accepted sense, not everyone knows about the varieties of forms of this condition:

Actually, vitamin deficiency in a narrow sense is a severe form, characterized by a complete absence of vitamin in the body;
Hypovitaminosis is an intermediate form, when there is a substantial lack of trace elements and there are disabilities;
With subnormal provision of the body – an implicit deficit – a weakening of immunity, a decrease in mental activity, etc. are observed.
Signs of vitamin deficiency and its treatment
The most common pathological conditions caused by a deficiency of vitamin A (retinol), B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), D (calciferol), C (ascorbic acid). To avoid the lack of certain vitamins, carefully monitor the diet of your child, not only at home, but also in school or kindergarten. Many children’s cafes and restaurants offer special menus that help cope with the signs of vitamin deficiency.

 Vitamin A

Deficiency of fat-soluble vitamin A is manifested by dryness and peeling of the skin, cracks in the palms and soles, itchy sores on the elbows, knees, stomach, buttocks, hair loss, eye diseases. To overcome the ailment, the spring menu, in addition to the preparations prescribed by the doctor, should include dairy products, eggs, spinach, green onions, seafood, liver, carrots, apricots, peaches.

  Vitamin B1

With a deficiency of vitamin B1, growth retardation occurs, appetite decreases, sleep and memory are disturbed. The child complains of weakness and lethargy. In addition to taking vitamins B1, C and PP in the form of tablets and injections during vitamin deficiency, a diet containing sufficient egg yolks, nuts, legumes, brown bread, and pork is required.

 Vitamin B2

Signs of vitamin deficiency riboflavin (vitamin B2) – visualization of blood vessels on the eyeballs, diseases of the mucous membranes, lips and tongue, hair loss. To eliminate unpleasant manifestations in nutrition, it is worthwhile to focus on almonds, peanuts, wheat and buckwheat porridge, cabbage, spinach, salad, lamb and beef liver.

 Vitamin C

A monotonous diet rich in carbohydrates leads to a lack of vitamin C and Meller-Barlov disease, also known as scurvy. In this case, the formation of skeleton bones is disrupted, and a person feels weak, lethargic, loses his appetite. Bleeding and inflammation of the gums are observed, bruises appear. Vitamin replenishment during vitamin deficiency occurs in the form of injections of ascorbic acid, as well as the consumption of decoctions of rose hips, fresh vegetables and fruits.

  Vitamin D

Hypovitaminosis D is manifested by caries, the child’s susceptibility to injuries due to softening of bones, muscle cramps and weakness. Self-medication in this case is categorically contraindicated, since an excess of vitamin D is no less dangerous than a deficiency. As for the spring menu, do not forget about dishes from oily fish, liver, dairy products, and yolk. Outdoor walks and sunbathing are important.

Closely monitor the behavior and health status of your child, and also try to make his diet varied – and spring vitamin deficiency is not terrible! Do not neglect the spiritual aspect of education: make sure that the baby has the opportunity to attend educational activities for children.

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