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Vitamins for men

In the fleeting pace of life, men often sacrifice not only relationships, but also good rest and healthy eating. Hard work, business trips, emotionally exhausting business meetings – all this leaves a deep imprint on health. To feel like a cucumber again, yuppies take complex vitamins for men.

More is not better

A synthetic vitamin complex for men, with the right choice, compensates for up to 100% of the body’s needs. Under the condition of good nutrition, it is enough to fill up 50% of the needs with vitamins.

When choosing a drug should take into account lifestyle and age. For men, whose occupation is associated with physical labor, vitamins and minerals are needed in large quantities. After 50 years, the body needs additional “recharge” of calcium and iron. Although the last element in large numbers causes tremor and myocardial infarction. This is not the case with testosterone, which improves reproductive functions and reduces the risks of developing prostatitis.

An overdose of vitamin A provokes bodily weakness and drowsiness, migraine and a decrease in concentration. The following symptoms are possible: dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, peeling on the lips and palms.

Vitamin B in case of an overdose leads to disorders of the nervous system, weakens the tone of muscle tissue in the kidneys, liver, lungs and pancreas. Vitamins for men from group C in excess of the daily norm cause gastric upset. Conclusion: more is not better!

Pay for “A” and “B”

Vitamin A boosts male strength by stimulating testosterone production. In addition, it improves vision, reduces the risk of cancer.

Vitamin B helps with protein synthesis and amino acid distribution. As a result, vision, urination improves, the work of the nervous system stabilizes.

Vitamin C normalizes blood pressure, lowers blood cholesterol concentration. It is the best way to prevent vascular disease. Vitamin C should be paid attention, first of all, to smoking men. Beneficial substances alleviate the serious harm caused to the body by tobacco smoke and resins.

Vitamin E is also very beneficial for potency, body tone, and blood vessels.

The best vitamins for men

The alphabet for men contains herbal extracts that stimulate potency. In addition, the vitamins of this brand improve cognitive and physical abilities. Drink tablets should be clearly according to the instructions, otherwise a mix of vitamins will not give the expected result.

Duovit for men contains beneficial minerals and vitamins that improve the reproductive system. It is prescribed for chronic prostatitis, skin problems, hair, nails, fatigue.

Doppelherz is specially designed to improve the functioning of the prostate gland. The vitamin complex for men helps with difficulty urinating, inflammation. It has a vasoconstrictor effect.

Velmen is prescribed for hypovitaminosis (vitamin deficiency). Multivitamins effectively stabilize the balance, improving physical and mental abilities. When taking, nausea is possible, passing after 20-30 minutes.

Twinlab helps to cope with great physical exertion, restoring the strength of the body. Vitamins and minerals from this composition have beneficial effects on the prostate.

Farmamed offers various vitamin complexes for hair growth, stress relief, potency enhancement and endurance enhancement, etc.

Vitamins for a variety of purposes

Vitamins for men when planning pregnancy contain a complex of the following nutrients:

B9 and Sun (folic acid) – stimulates sperm motility.

E (tocopherol) – increases sperm survival.

C – stimulates the synthesis of testosterone, which in itself is already not bad.

Zinc – prescribed for sexual disorders.

Selenium – stimulates male fertility (especially for mature men).

Potency in men of an older age group is a whimsical thing, so do not give up vitamins. Vitamins of group E are suitable for potency. To improve the spermogram, you should pay attention to vitamins A and C.

Vitamins E, K, B12 and calcium are important for strengthening immunity.

Vitamins of group H are extremely important for hair growth and strengthening. They are prescribed for alopecia, skin problems, hair loss. They allow you to slow down hair loss or stop this process, depending on the cause of the disease.

Vitamins for athletes contain substances that help to absorb and expend protein. These are B vitamins. They also help relieve chronic fatigue.

When smoking and drinking alcohol, eating spicy, fried foods, vitamin N can help the body.

To maintain good health, you must regularly take vitamins A, B, C, E, lipoic acid, biotin. The intake of minerals and vitamins will bring the best effect if you do not neglect proper nutrition.

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